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Our Internet Of Things (IoT) Services

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Netnhost internet of things services gives the ability to the organizations to transform your business needs into competitive advantages by delivering innovative and creative IoT powered solutions. We provide wide-ranging IoT development services to our clients like integrating the right sensors, deriving insights and choosing the best development platform. Netnhost IoT solutions allow you to focus on outcomes while we facilitate your digital transformation journey. 

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We have partnered with leading innovators like Microsoft Azure, AWS IoT, MongoDB and various other device and sensor providers and deliver best-of-class solutions for all of your Internet of Things (IoT) requirements. Our end-to-end IoT solutions portfolio covers wide variety of sensors, gateways, connectivity, cloud, user experience and analytics provide immense benefits to your organizations. 

Automation Systems

Developing automation system involves use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, boilers and heat treating ovens, switching on telephone networks, steering and stabilization of ships, aircraft and other applications and vehicles with minimal or reduced human

Traceability Systems

We have very proven expertise in developing traceability solutions which are nothing but “the totality of data and operations that is capable of maintaining the desired information about a product and its components through all or part of its production and utilization chain.”

Vision Systems

A machine vision system (MVS) is a one type of technology that enables a computing device to inspect, evaluate and identify still or moving images. It is a field in computer vision and is quite similar to surveillance cameras, but provides automatic image capturing, evaluation and processing capabilities. These are widely used in defense and security industry.

Artificial Intelligence Systems

One of the best uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software is that it mimics human behavior by learning various data patterns and insights. AI combined with Machine learning is used to provide users with the required functionality and make the business process a much simpler one. Our unique and strong expertise in machine learning, NLP, computer vision, predictive modeling, chatbot based developments helps in designing and implementing best AI solutions as per your requirements.

Barcode & RFID Systems

A typical inventory system includes hardware, such as barcode or RFID and software that runs on computers and mobile devices that allow for barcode or RFID scanning and other operations. It helps to a great extent for retail business owners. Because of its many benefits, RFID technology is widely used to build a solid business case in different industries and for different applications

Pick to light

Pick to light is very popular and it is light-directed picking technology that aims to increase productivity, improve picking accuracy and reduce labor costs, thus giving your warehouse the boost it needs. One of the best advantages of Pick to Light System is that it provides an accurate and efficient mode of paperless picking, placing or sorting and assembling products. 

IOT And automation

Analyze your business and prepare a set of questionnaire documents to get complete details about the business. Also we will explore your current website, online presence, and other key indicators so that we get more knowledge and well-rounded view of your organization and current strategies.